Specialized Cryptocurrency Mining Platform

Feature High-Efficiency, Simplicity User Interface

NetPlus is a crypto mining platform that allows to mine multiple cryptocurrency with one device.

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NetPlus Token

NPS represents mining platform based on cloud computing.

Miners receive corresponding token rewards depending on the type of use in NPS system.

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MRTT System
(Mining Rotation)

Multi Kit

CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD – Each part enables Multi Mining.

Hardware consists of 18ea of chipset and can be tuned to 14T hardware 2ea.



Multi Kit Converter

In addition to the four basic (ETH, RVN, NPS, etc.) tokens with Multi Kit Converter technology unique to NETPLUS, you can achieve risk management and scalability for market volatility.

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Cloud Mining

Rewards including mining assets are distributed through operating mining pools and platform ecosystem, and users are automatically transformed into NPS participants.

If token information needs to be changed, user may change the state of mining coins by simple touch on the platform.

Mining coins are automatically accumulated in the wallet, and can respond more flexibly to the market prices comparing

to the one-coin mining equipment.


OTT Service Platform

In the NETPLUS ecosystem, content users and providers

can be fairly guaranteed their rights.

Protecting creator’s rights in OTT service by using blockchain networks and provides rewards among consumers.

Providing endpoint services by linking users using streaming file sharing services,

and users can receive coin rewards through watching broadcast or advertising media.

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Messenger Platform

Blockchain-based NETPLUS messenger platform enables high security and permanent storage of data.

Designed exclusively for standard utility blocks for transmission. It is safe from server hacking as it delivers messages to P2P rather than a centralized server and enciphering protocol strengthen security.

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Wallet Service & X-Wap

NETPLUS' Wallet Service goes beyond the MRTT general deposit and withdrawal functional elements and provides exchange interworking and Global Swap service X-WAP.

It is compatible with other platforms around user connection, and users can receive tokens acquired from cloud mining via simplified system.

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